Hacker Reportedly Leaks Photo Of Jennie In Bathtub, Fans Urge YG, HYBE To Protect Singer And V

Hacker Reportedly Leaks Photo Of Blackpink’s Jennie In Bathtub, Fans Urge Agencies To Protect Their Artists!

A hacker has been leaking alleged photos of BTS’s V, Jennie, and other Blackpink members for weeks. Fans of both groups have split into groups, those who believe the photos are true and others who insist they are edited.

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The hacker retaliated by threatening fans with leaking even more intimate photos if they [les fans] continue to harass him and question the authenticity of the files he has shared online.

Hacker Reportedly Leaks Photo Of Jennie In Bathtub, Fans Urge YG And HYBE To Protect Singer And V

On September 20, an alleged selfie of Jennie in a bathtub with black heart emojis was shared online. Whether the selfie is genuine or photoshopped, Jennie’s privacy continues to be invaded, and the singer is dehumanized.

Hacker Reportedly Leaks Photo Of Jennie In Bathtub, Fans Urge YG And HYBE To Protect Singer And V

V fans are also worried about the singer’s privacy and are calling on Blackpink’s YG and BTS’s HYBE labels to take legal action.

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On Twitterfans wrote:

“We need people to realize this is getting scary and it has to stop now. »

“I don’t care if you don’t like jennie or if you don’t like V, [mais] it gets scary. if the hacker has explicit images of Jennie, who knows what else he might have. Put the fanwars aside for two f*cking seconds, nobody deserves to have these kind of photos leaked. »

“The photo of Jennie in a bathtub is clearly airbrushed, but it’s still [une photo] disrespectful and clearly damages his reputation. Why are you always picking on Jennie? @ygent_officia do something to protect your artist! This is insane!!! »

“Okay…now stop it…we don’t need this!!” well ! they are dating… I understand they are in a relationship, so now what is your gain. Stop now, too much has happened… Now please stop. You have won ! We believe you, don’t try to insult our artists. »

“In the past, Blackpink’s label has taken legal action against accounts spreading false information and defaming their artists. The agency even released a statement about it in October last year. However, in Jennie’s case, they are not directly denying the rumors or taking legal action. The same applies to HYBE. »

photo of Jennie in a YG HYBE V bathtub

Regarding the authenticity of the leaked photos and suspected hacking of BLACKPINK members’ iClouds accounts, the agencies have not given any response.

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