How do you know if a baby is teething?

How do you know if a baby is teething?
How do you know if a baby is teething?

Generally speaking, the first teeth, also called baby teeth, appear between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy. Among the first signs that indicate a possible growth of baby teeth: a very slight inflammation of the gums, before it appears, can be an indicator. Note, however, that depending on the development of the baby, teeth may appear either before or after these months. Much more rarely, some babies may even be born with one or two teeth. As you will have understood, the age of appearance of the first teeth is extremely variable. However, once they reach the age of three, the child usually has twenty baby teeth.

The signs of baby teeth erupting are extremely variable from one child to another, and even from one tooth to another. Particularly painful, the first teething in infants therefore result in episodes of fever. Note, however, that during teething, the baby’s state of health is never, if not very rarely, altered. If they make him suffer, these dental inconveniences do not make your child sick. These dental pains are partly due to the movements of the teeth coming out of the jaw bones and piercing the gums. Depending on the severity of the pain, the child may be subject to certain states of irritation. This one can also see his disturbed and restless sleep.

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