The pellet bonus in Belgium available from February, here’s how to get it

The pellet bonus in Belgium available from February, here’s how to get it
The pellet bonus in Belgium available from February, here’s how to get it

The spokesperson for Pierre-Yves Dermagne, the Federal Minister for the Economy, returned with us to the information relayed by the Echo a week ago: yes, from February, Belgians will be able to submit their request to receive financial aid of 250 euros for the purchase of pellets. “Indeed, there was still a vagueness concerning the date to return this bonus. The month of January had been considered before finally fixing it on February 1st in order to be certain that there were no technical problems.

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How to enter your request to receive

a bonus of pellets?

From February 1, 2023, people will be able to make their request on the FPS Economy website. This application can be submitted online, which should save time in receiving it (unlike, for example, the paper form for the fuel oil premium). However, a paper version will always be possible.

Who is entitled to the bonus?

The aid concerns the purchase of wood pellets of at least 500 kilos in bulk: either via a blower truck or via a pallet. Purchases per bag per piece are not affected. And you will of course need proof of payment as well as the order invoice. Delivery must be made between June 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

To qualify for this bonus, pellets must be your main source of heating. Does this mean that the aid is only reserved for owners of a pellet boiler? No. A person, a household having one or more pellet stoves and for which it is the main source for heating can enter a request, confirms the spokesperson for the Minister. On the other hand, if your pellet stove is an auxiliary heater, you are not eligible for this bonus.

How the state wants to fight premium fraud

“We don’t want to leave anyone on the way,” said Nicolas Gillard, the minister’s spokesperson. Could this premium create a parallel market and/or maintain it at artificially very high prices? Minister Dermagne’s office does not think so. The beacons put in place are considered sufficient. Especially since the information concerning the requests for bonuses will be crossed between them. In other words, it should be impossible to enter a request for heating oil and pellets.

Our colleague from the Echo specifies that home checks can be carried out.

How many households are affected in Belgium?

In Belgium, “1% of households heat mainly with pellets”, indicates the office of the Federal Minister of the Economy. But to believe, the spokesperson for Pierre-Yves Dermagne, it is a frank of the population who knows how to be heard. “Every time a press article about pellets is published, we get a lot of questions about this premium.”

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