Beware, a new scam is circulating in Belgium

Beware, a new scam is circulating in Belgium
Beware, a new scam is circulating in Belgium

False Colruyt and Lidl contests are massively sent to the mailboxes of Belgian Internet users.

For the past few days, a new scam has been targeting Belgian Internet users. Three of our readers alerted us. Fake competitions labeled “Lidl” and “Colruyt” are massively sent to mailboxes. Most of these emails end up in spam. However, it is not uncommon to see Internet users being tricked…

In their emails, the scammers offer to win electronic devices such as food processors or robot vacuum cleaners.

Written in flawless French or Dutch, the ads look like a legitimate competition. The layout is neat and the legal notices are present… But some elements make it possible to identify the contest as a scam. Starting with the sender’s email address, which has nothing to do with Lidl or Colruyt. Fake competitions are sent from an “Electrabel” address created specifically for this operation. Another suspicious element: the presence of a price at the top of the email, in pounds sterling, and not in euros.

What are the risks of Internet users who will be fooled? The installation of a virus on their computer or smartphone, the hacking of various accounts or even the complete hacking of their computer. The threats are multiple and not necessarily immediate.

As always, you should be careful with this type of email, especially when you discover it in your junk mail. Never click on a link in an illegitimate email and also never open an attachment. To verify the identity of the sender, first check the mailbox with which the message was sent to you.

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