Seven entertaining ideas for this weekend in Luxembourg, Belgium, Lorraine or Saarland

Photo exhibition, classical ballet, guided tour, entertainment around a river, Chinese New Year and other moments await you for these 21 and 22 January.

Ideas for going out in Luxembourg

hands and words

Speaking several languages ​​is in the DNA of those who live in the Grand Duchy. But in this Luxembourg/Babel which speaks the language of… the deaf. It is to discover and initiate the sign language that Rotundasin Luxembourg-city, offers this Saturday 21 (5 p.m.) a workshop.

At the local refreshment bar, hard of hearing, sign followers Where ignorant are invited to meet to share with the fingers what the ears cannot hear. Opportunity to become familiar with these gesturesthose poses who can say everything without saying a word. Unique experience. FREE ENTRANCE.

look for the rabbit

With a day in advance, the Chinese Cultural Center of Luxembourg (Boulevard Joseph II) switches to the Year of the Rabbit. And for the event, the place opens its doors wide to whoever wants it. sunday 22 (of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

Once inside, young and old are invited to discover some cultural touches of the Middle Kingdom: its instruments of music, the rules of game of gothe art of calligraphythe little ones dishesthe benefits of tai chi, etc. A workshop little panda is even specially dedicated to the youngest.

Attacking the Kirchberg

Warm clothes required, flashlight necessary, walking shoes essential: let’s go, sunday 22 for a fortification tower who have protected the capital of Luxembourg for… three centuries. The guided walk is offered by the Dräi EEchelen Museum, from the heights of Kirchberg.

Departure will be from funicular station (Boulevard Kennedy)from 2 p.m. Where 5 p.m.. In two hours, everyone will be able to discover the different defense systems, the difficulties of this military architecture and the beauty of this heritage.

Registration recommended: (+352) 47 93 30 – 214 or 414 / [email protected]

What to do in France?

This beautiful “swan” from Odessa

Since 2006, theUkrainian national ballet from Odessa travels the stages of the planet. Far from their Ukraine at war, these 70 or so dancers are currently on tour in France, and are posing this saturday 21 to Thionville Theater (8 p.m.).

For this appointment, place at Swan Lakethe major work of Tchaikovsky. A classic version will be offered to the public. A must see for any apprentice little rat or future ballerina.

Note around noon, a concert will be offered. When you leave, don’t forget to say ” Xièxiè », it means « thank you »…

Metz by night

For the sake of energy saving or the fight against light pollution, the City of Metz gradually puts in place a “black frame”. In other words, the nocturnal cut-off of public lighting is not necessarily useful. Less light certainly, but that does not prevent life from continuing as this exposure installed everything around the body of water of the Moselle capital.

The images presented demonstrate in particular how much urban wildlife appreciates the darkness, how much homes take on a new charm under the stars, how much local associations are investing in maintaining nature in the city.

An idea for Belgium

The Semois is you

Ah, the charm of rivers… And the beauty of the Semois what to say? It, which rises near Arlon to become a tributary of the Meuse, will be honored this saturday 21 january part of the Cultural Center of Beau Canton Chiny-Florenville.

Of 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (for children from 4 years old and family) or 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (all public) at the Chiny Library, it is a cultural entertainment which is thus proposed to evoke the watercourse which crosses borders between Belgium and France. The project is called “Graine de Semois” and promises to be poetic, playful, instructive and… free.

Reservation recommended: tel 061/ 31 30 11 or [email protected]

And in Germany?

Slam, en, german in the text

German speakers, Germanophiles: this meeting is made for you. This saturday 21 (of the 8 p.m.), direction the Mergener Hof in Trier. It is that stands the poetry slam contest “Verbum Varium Treverorum” (in Latin in the text).

At 4, Rindertanzstraße, all modern poets locals will be there for verbal jousting. It is up to the public to designate the themes and the winners. Both prose and poetry are accepted, whether the texts are spoken, spoken, shouted or whispered. The main thing is in the choice of wordsthe strength of emotionthe message transmitted. There will be laughs, rhymes and tears (who knows…) but the moment promises to be particularly moose, right?

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