A Belgian breaks the deca-triathlon world record

A Belgian breaks the deca-triathlon world record
A Belgian breaks the deca-triathlon world record

38 km of swimming, 1800 km of cycling and 421.91 km of running. No, you’re not dreaming and no, we didn’t mess up when writing these numbers. These are the distances swallowed by the Belgian Kenneth Vanthuyne during a deca-triathlon organized in Switzerland. An Ironman multiplied by ten won by the Belgian who, in passing, set a new world record for this disproportionate discipline.

Imagine succeeding in an Ironman, this triathlon with already solid distances of 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running. But then imagine doing that ten times, it seems impossible. Yet this is what succeeded Kenneth Vanthuyne. An exceptionally hard performance spread over 182 hours, 43 minutes and 43 seconds, or almost 8 days of uninterrupted effort. And when crossing the line, the Belgian thought of only one thing: “honestly, I was especially happy not to have to run anymore. I was just happy to be done with it, I was so tired at the time that there was nothing else on my mind. But now I think it’s gonna take a few more days for me to realize what I’ve done.”

In addition to finishing and winning this hellish triathlon, the Belgian achieved a new world record for the distance, beating the previous record by more than 7 hours. A surprise to which the sportsman of Gentbrugge didn’t expect:II have no experience with this distance. I had done doubles before but it’s not the same as a decaf at all. So I didn’t really have an idea of ​​the final time I was going to do and even during that, I didn’t watch my time as I went along. When I left, I didn’t think the podium was realistic so I’m obviously very happy. “

Kenneth Vanthuyne is 39 years old and works in a bank as an internal auditor. A full-time job which does not help in preparing for very long distance races. It’s difficult for him to organize himself for a training session of four or five hours: “I have to do my training at the weekend so I do 10 hour sessions“, before adding: “you have to be constant not over weeks but over years to obtain sufficient endurance for these kinds of events. And since I have been doing ultra-triathlons for seven years now, I must say that it has helped me a lot.

And after these 8 days of racing during which Kenneth slept only 2 to 3 hours a night, the man only thinks of one thing: rest. And good rest and congratulations to the champion!

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